Commercial Inventory

The commercial offering has been expanded to series such as DQ Special, offering durability, smooth and quiet operation for craft operating at speed. The traditional Machine Pitch, Workhorse, and Kaplan designs are still relevant to the market. Manufacturing flexibility enables Michigan Wheel Marine to offer variants most suited to particular applications. Expanded areas, 5 blades, particular rake requirements can be accommodated. The PacMaster Stainless steel series has become a standard on fishing boats in particular areas, and Michigan Wheel Marine can offer Stainless steel options throughout is line-up.

All Commercial Propellers Series

DQ Special

0.76 – 0.91 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 32″ – 56″

More muscle than the traditional Dyna-Quad design through more blade area. The DQ Special is an authoritative extension of the tried and true Dyna-Quad design. This series is available in larger diameters, with area ratios suitable for today’s high powered vessels. The DQ Special is an option for large super yachts as well as commercial boats operating at speed.


0.76 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 24″ – 36″

The Dura-Quad is the choice for applications where more durability is desired and/or more blade area is required. The Dura-Quad series features the skewed and highly efficient blade design of the traditional Dyna-Quad series, with added blade thickness to optimize speed on high powered commercial applications, without sacrificing durability.

Work Horse

0.71 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 24″ – 60″
0.622 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 62″ – 96″
5-blade 0.8875 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 30″ – 60″

The Work Horse™ is the best known commercial 4 blade propeller in the world for its ability to push hard working boats. It is designed for tug boats, push boats, and applications requiring maximum thrust — where low speeds do not necessitate skewed blades. The semi-elliptical blade shape and constant pitch allows for excellent reverse thrust performance that is necessary in many work boat applications. When it is time to work, the Work Horse delivers. Available in 4 or 5 blade design.

Machine Pitch (MP & HD)

0.51 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 8″ – 60″
0.47 E.A.R. – Diameter range: 62″ – 96″

Machine Pitch™ (MP) is the finest and best known 3 blade for all-purpose use. The style and design is primarily used on vessels with speeds less than 15 knots. MP style propellers incorporate a semi-elliptical shape, constant pitch and ogival blade sections.

The Heavy Duty (HD) is identical in design to the MP, but includes thicker blade edges engineered specifically for severe conditions. Its heavy duty edges resist abrasion and blade fracture.


0.69 E.A.R. – Even Diameters: 20″ – 30″

Designed for maximum durability, the Pac-Master stainless steel series ensures long-life running without giving up performance. Modeled from our popular Dyna-Quad pleasure series, this series provides smooth and efficient operation. The increased blade root thickness gives the Pac-Master series the extra durability for all commercial applications. Corrosion resistant CF3 Stainless Steel alloy is used to insure rugged, dependable operation. The Pac-Master keeps the work moving in the toughest conditions. All Pac-Masters are available in select even diameters. Odd diameters and pitch combinations are also available upon requests.

Work Horse 5

0.8875 E.A.R. Diameter Range: 30″-60″

The Work Horse 5 propeller is a recent evolution of our traditional Work Horse propellers. The increased blade number provides additional blade area for commercial applications with higher horsepower and thrust requirements. Additionally, the Work Horse 5 will help to reduce vibration levels on vessels where non-uniform water flow or propeller tip clearance limitations exist.


0.44 E.A.R. Diameter Range: 36″-72″

The Trawler series gives four blade performance without reduced diameter, and is primarily used on shrimp boats, trawlers and similar vessels that need thrust and smooth running performance.


Standard 0.56 E.A.R., 0.71 E.A.R. Diameter Range: 35″-95″

The Kaplan propeller is designed for hard working Trawlers, Draggers and Tugs. The design of the Kaplan is manufactured to operate in a nozzle. Custom and skewed configurations are available.


0.63 E.A.R. – 3-Blade
0.836 E.A.R. 4-Blade. Diameter Range: 32″-50″

The heavy-duty blade thickness distribution that makes the Maxima the most durable commercial offering. The blade design is wider than the standard for applications that require maximum thrust, including moderate-speed crew supply, high horsepower applications and passenger boats requiring maximum thrust. The Maxima is available in 3 or 4 blade designs.