Hytorq Inventory

Michigan’s acquisition of Hall & Stavert of PEI, Canada, in 1996 brought on additional resource to supply the growing pleasure boat market of the late 1990’s and into 2009. The HyTorq line established a reputation of high quality, and has a strong following for replacement on applications where they were original equipment. With the market contraction, Michigan Wheel Marine consolidated operations in Grand Rapids. All current Hy-Torq propeller patterns and the majority of equipment was brought in to Grand Rapids. Michigan Wheel Marine continues and will continue for the foreseeable future to offer the Hy-Torq line, with every effort made to perpetuate the fine craftsmanship established by Hall & Stavert.

All Commercial Propellers Series

HyTorq MY-T3

The MY-T3 is designed for both hard working fishing boats and pleasure craft captains. Designed to handle today’s high-powered engines with ease, the MY-T3 has a large blade area to enhance performance and maneuverability.

HyTorq MY-T4

Manufactured to the same high quality standards as the HyTorq MY-T3, the 4-blade MY-T4 is the right choice where greater blade area and super smooth operation are desired.

HyTorq MY-T5

Many operators are selecting the HyTorq MY-T5 for new construction, repowering, and propeller upgrading. The main reason is to employ more blade area without having to increase propeller diameter, which may not be possible due to clearance or tip speed considerations. Another common reason is to improve propeller performance in installations where heavy vee struts, dead wood, or other hull appendages are agitating the water flow to the propeller.