Federal Inventory

The Federal propeller line concentrates on the application specific custom design and manufacturing efforts. Federal features propellers ranging 12” to 96” in diameters. Michigan Wheel Marine (MWM) is a propeller supplier to custom yacht manufacturers, production boat builders, and commercial shipyards around the world. For those that seek to optimize performance and efficiency, MWM is challenged with expanding propeller design and analysis capabilities. Optimized propeller fit does result in increased speeds, improved cruising range and exceptional passenger comfort levels.

High end motor yachts, high speed sportfish boats, and military craft are challenging applications, and require sophisticated propulsion to optimize performance to design intent.

The FEDERAL propeller line is often the solution to maximize performance. Michigan Wheel Marine engineers work directly with builder engineers and consulting companies, applying ever evolving, sophisticated propeller design codes to applications.

Much of the FEDERAL line is specific to particular boats, and consists of various blade counts, areas, variable and/or progressive pitch distribution, camber, particular rake, skew, and tolerance requirements. The FEDERAL propellers, with few exceptions, are CNC machine finished, with process inherent tolerance meeting ISO 484 Class S requirements. From primarily in-house design, Michigan Wheel Marine CAD department equipped with seats on the most current software generates mill programs for both pattern and propeller finish. Michigan Wheel Marine Grand Rapids is self contained in having design, programming, and pattern shop under one roof, feeding directly onsite to its integrated foundry, machine shop, finishing and inspection departments.

Marlin Series

The MARLIN series is the result of a major R & D Program undertaken with Maritime Research Associates LLC (MRA), MTU Detroit Diesel, and the Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands (MARIN). The applications are for high power/high speed Sportfish and Sportcruiser models that are capable of speeds into the high 40 knot range.

This series is primarily for NEW construction, involving Michigan Wheel at design, where consideration can be given to best appreciate of MARLIN configuration. The MARLIN propellers in 4-blade will range from 0.825 to 0.90 E.A.R., and 0.90 to 1.05 E.A.R. in 5-blade.

The MARLIN series design features variable pitch, camber, skew, and a degree of rake. All MARLIN are fully CNC machine finished to high tolerance. The purpose of the series, beyond optimizing performance, is to MANAGE cavitation.

Marlin 4

Marlin 5

CX Series

The FEDERAL CX series propellers are the BEST possible choice for propeller performance. Federal naval architects can design a custom propeller for your specific application. Using vessel data and performance targets provided by the customer, a propeller with the optimum combination of diameter, pitch, blade count, blade area, and camber is designed to maximize the performance of each yacht that is evaluated. Maximum performance is not just better top speed; it is a better cruise spped, better acceleration, improved fuel economy, and smoother, quieter operation. All CX series propellers are compeltely CNC machined to exacting specifications.

The use of the latest CNC machining and inspection technology ensures that every CX propeller is manufactured as designed. This process results in consistent and repeatable propeller manufacture, so replacement sets or spares will match the originals.

The Federal design and sales team works closely with designers, yacht builders, propeller shops and owners to qualify optimal propellers for any given application. Federal engineers use the latest in propeller design technology to design each propeller, including custom propeller geometry design code and sophisticated hydrodynamic analysis software. This allows the designer to maximize propeller efficiency while minimizing the performance robbing effects of cavitation. This is particularly important as engine horsepower and boat speeds continue to increase.

Every new CX series propeller is given a 5-digit serial number, which gives customer service and repair agents a detailed history for a particular propeller. Field service requires sophisticated computerized propeller measurement equipment, ie: Hale MRI, which can appreciate the original design and apply to any rework necessary.

CX series propellers are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-blade configurations. Blade area ratios are determined by the special application.






HX Series

The Federal HX series offers high tolerance hand finished propeller manufacture in a variety of design configurations. This series is primarily constant pitch, with expanded area ratios. High horsepower pleasure and commercial applications require specific propellers to achieve maximum thrust, speed, and smoothness. The proven pitch geometry yields exceptional performance without the additional cost associated with custom, CNC machined propellers. The HX series is often the solution, as the next step from traditional series toward custom fit.

HX are available in 3, 4, and 5-blade configurations. Blade area ratios are determined by the specific application.




X Series

“EPX” and “EQX” are an evolution of the tried and true Equi-Poise and Equi-Quad series propellers. The designs have been modified to be better suited to highly loaded, limited tip clearance applications. Manufacturing technologies, such as machine finishing, are utilized in manufacture to facilitate accurate and repeatable product. Availability will be size specific, in a range of bores, without or with all degrees of cup.



Federal Equi-Poise & Equi-Quad Series

The Federal Equi-Poise three blade and Equi-Quad four blade propeller series are for applications that benefit from traditional propeller geometry held to a close tolerance. The proven performance of these designs is enhanced through strict manufacturing controls. Those controls result in closely matched sets that are a step above standard line series propellers. By utilizing a traditional design, Federal can supply a vast range of sizes, at good value, with a minimal lead time.

Federal Equi-Poise